Marine Survey When you are planning to purchase, insure, finance a boat or if it has been damaged it is wise to engage the services of a marine surveyor. Here are some reasons why:
    • A surveyor will provide you with a professional opinion of the vessel’s condition, identify the damage, defects and make recommendations.
    • The information from a surveyor’s report will allow you to make informed decisions before purchasing a vessel and may be useful when negotiating the price.
    • Knowing the condition and fair market value of a vessel prior to purchase often saves you money; in most cases, the survey fee itself can be saved.
    • When a vessel has been damaged there is often damage in areas other than the obvious, an experienced surveyor will be able to identify these.
    • Marine insurers will require a survey report from a reputable third party before granting insurance.
    • Before any ocean passage, a survey will highlight any potentially dangerous aspects that may impact on the safety levels on board the vessel.